Mehendi for Hair

Mehendi is believed to have medicinal qualities and so used for treatment of hair related problems. Mehendi mixed with yoghurt, lemon, coffee, tea, egg, fenugreek, amla(Indian Gooseberry), Aritha or Reetha(Soapnuts), oils like castor, coconut, olive in different combinations is used for various purposes. There may be many more ingredients that are used along with the above mentioned; each one of them having different effects. It may be for treating roughness, hair-fall, hair breakage, dandruff, dullness, split ends or just to keep your head cool.Besides conditioning, Mehendi is also used for giving hair just a tint or a pretty good colour. Mixing with indigo, beetroot, katha or just soaking in an iron bowl will give the respective shade.I’ll be describing in details about which combination to be used when in my later posts.

Cool Steps:

Mehendi is also used to cool your feet. Mehendi paste is applied to feet, particularly soles to get the soothing and cooling effect. It is believed to treat headache and also to get rid paining legs. Or simply step into the Mehendi paste(known ad Mehendi shoe) to get a perfect treat :D.